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High Grade Peg Board – Functional Training at it’s best

Sometimes the simplest exercise equipment is the most effective. It is no different with our peg board. The High Grade Peg Board is a versatile training tool that is not only widely used in climbing sports. Even if the training on the “perforated board” looks simple, it becomes a real challenge even for experienced athletes and thus an effective form of training for CrossFitter, Stronman athletes, strength athletes and a number of other athletes.

What sets our peg board apart

Our high grade peg board is made of high quality plywood and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The four centimeter thick plywood panel has a weight of 10 kilograms and can withstand a lot accordingly. Our high grade board has a total of 17 precisely manufactured holes in which the two wooden climbing aids (handles) supplied fit exactly. The 16.5 cm long handles offer sufficient grip for both small and large hands thanks to a diameter of three centimeters Training. The 120 cm x 30 cm board also includes the necessary screws for wall mounting. Drilling through the plywood is no longer necessary thanks to pre-drilled holes.

Tip: The 1.2 meter long high grade peg board can be easily combined with other peg boards from our range to form a larger functional training course.

Benefits of peg board training

Training with the peg board is extremely versatile and includes classic pull-up exercises as well as a variety of pull-up options. This makes it the ideal device to strengthen the back muscles, shoulders, biceps and forearms as a functional unit. Unlike in dumbbell training, the peg board also activates numerous small muscles that are neglected during strength training. With the peg board, you can specifically eliminate weaknesses and set off on new shores with CrossFit and KDK. Statistically, a single climb to the top of the board is as effective as 26 whole pull-ups in terms of muscle activation.


Tips for training with our peg board

– Keep your center of gravity as close as possible to the peg board.
– Shift your weight while changing the hole with a handle.
– Ideally, your chest is always at the level of the handle you are holding on to.
– Always pull out the handles horizontally so as not to get caught.

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