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CPR-100 Power Rack Kurz

CHF 823.00
Sold out

CPR-150 Power Rack Standard

CHF 902.00
Sold out

CPR-150X Power Rack Special

CHF 1,005.00
Sold out

CPR-200 Power Rack Standard with Plateholder

CHF 1,419.00
Sold out

cross equip – Hantelbank

CHF 210.00
Sold out

cross equip – Squat Stand mit Rollen

CHF 395.00
Sold out

cross equip – Verstellbare Hantelbank

CHF 375.00
Sold out

CSS-150 Squat Stand

CHF 385.00
Sold out

CSS-150X Squat Stand with Safety Spotter

CHF 465.00
Sold out

Eco Squat Stand

CHF 139.00

Glute Ham Developer (GHD)

CHF 680.00 CHF 665.00

Klimmzugstange Edelstahl HS-KC-02

CHF 240.00
Sold out

Klimmzugstange HS-KC-03

CHF 189.00
-17%Sold out

Wand Pull Up System

CHF 145.00 CHF 120.00
Sold out

Yoke 260cm

CHF 780.00