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Swiss Throwdown “Team Edition”

SWISS THROWDOWN 2022 – The largest live competition for Functional Fitness in Switzerland

360 athletes, 100 coaches and over 1’000 spectators during the whole weekend. On April 23 and 24, 2022, the final of the SWISS THROWDOWN “Team Edition” will take place in Lucerne – the largest live competition for functional fitness in Switzerland.

This year’s edition will be an unprecedented experience in the history of the Swiss CrossFit scene for athletes and spectators alike. The goal of the event is to provide the greatest possible benefit to all. That’s why cross equip will provide a fully equipped, 70 square meter open training area at the venue. It will be the very first time nationwide that “Goliath”, the most massive Swiss made Competition Rig will be used and there is a nice prize to be won in the “Goliath Hang Challenge”.


28 meters long, 5 meters high, 4.2 meters depth –
Goliath was designed and produced in Switzerland and requires 4.8 tons of steel, 500 linear meters of tubing and 650 bolts must be tightened for the complete structure.

“We wanted to create something that would make the heart beat faster and make
make the impossible possible. So the question was: how can we give the athletes more…? more opportunities, more adrenaline, more performance, and most importantly, how can we give back to our community what you give to us every day through your support? So we built it.” (Felix, CEO of cross equip)

It will be set up for the first time at the Swiss Throwdown on April 23-24, 2022, and be seen at other events in Switzerland this year. The premiere is going to be celebrated with a BOOM, so come too!


The training area can accommodate 6 people/slot. A slot lasts 30 minutes and spectators and athletes can register for a maximum of two consecutive slots. For a slot, the cross equip team will be available at the cross equip booth for registration. Slots are limited, so early morning registration is beneficial.

Refreshments will be provided by beverage partner Nutriathletic.

Jonas Müller will be providing exciting workouts. He will be offering workouts on the surface over the course of the two days, for which you can also sign up for slots. The JMT workouts will take place at the following times:


The fully equipped, 70 square meter, open OPEN GYM offers a training area for spectators and athletes, with the possibility to have one or more training sessions between competitions.

The CrossFit Master Qualifiers can be held in the Open Gym! The Rope climb workout can be done at the “Goliath” Rig until Saturday evening at approximately 6:00pm. Please bring your own judges for this.


Rig for Pull Ups,

Muscle Up,

& Squats

Press Jerks

Bars and weights




09:00 STD-event start

12:00 – 30′ JMT Jonas Müller Training

16:00 – 30′ JMT Jonas Müller Training

17:00 STD-event end


09:00 STD-event start

12:00 – 30′ JMT Jonas Müller Training

16:00 STD-event end


Together with Swiss Throwdown a lot of effort and sweat was put into this year’s Team Edition to make it as experienceable and amazing as possible.

This is why on Sunday at 14:00 everybody who wants hangs on 3, 2, 1, hop simultaneously to the Competition Rig. Athletes and spectators – everyone who wants to can participate. The one who hangs the longest is the winner! There is a prize to be won. A total of at least 40 people can hang from the Goliath at the same time.


SATURDAY, 23.03.2022

08:30 Door opening

09:30 Start of competition


  1.  Pull at the same Time (outdoor)
  2.   The chipper (main floor)
  3.   Climb the ladder (main floor)

“Pull at the same Time” and “The chipper” will take place simultaneously on 2 different event floors.

17:00 End

SUNDAY, 24.04.2022

08:00 Door opening

08:30 Start of competition


For each category WOD4 will take place on a different comp floor. Each category has a different WOD.

Regular, squat & carry Start 09:00, Outdoor Intermediate, switch it Start 09:00, main floor Master, swim buddy swim Start 08:30, Pool RX, swim buddy swim Start 09:00, Pool

No time to think (main floor)


13:45 Leaderboard announcement

14:00 Hang Challenge on “Goliath” Competition Rig

14:10 Final Wod 6 for Top 10 / Top 5 Maser

16:30 Award ceremony

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